Sneaker Care

There are many factors that determine how you should care for your new pair of shoes, including materials of the shoe, conditions you'll be wearing the shoes in, and how frequently you wear your shoes.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your kicks:

Protect your shoes

Whether the material is leather, suede, nylon, canvas, or nubuck, find the appropriate product that will protect your shoe from the elements. This easy step will prevent water, dirt, and debris from diminishing the look of your shoes. Always read the label on shoe/sneaker care products to make sure they will not cause any harm to the material you are using them on.

Maintain your shoes

Shoes are like most things, when you maintain them they last longer. For most sneakerheads this goes without mention because they can't stand leaving the house with dirty kicks. Whether you use mild soap and water or a brand name shoe cleaner, clean your shoes frequently. Plus remember, an old toothbrush works well to get out stubborn stains on the midsole. This cleaning regime will ensure your shoes look better, longer.

Rotate your shoes

Give your shoes a break. Rotating your shoes can prolong the life of your shoes, and in the case of athletic shoes, it could help prevent injury. Regardless of your activity level, throughout the day your feet sweat and that moisture seeps into the upper and insole of your shoes. By rotating your shoes you allow them to completely dry out and maintain their shape. In the case of running shoes, it also means the rubber sole will have ample time to decompress.